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Multiple financial rewards from our project

By purchasing a Gemrock Gold NFT (non-fungible token) you are part of our "green mining mission". "Green" stands for ethically produced and environmentally friendly gold.

NFT holders will be rewarded for their support by being awarded a monthly payout generated by the project. The right to receive this award will be digitally encrypted in your NFT.

NFT holders will be additionally rewarded by obtaining a 10 percent discount on all their purchases from all the products of Gemrock Peru (crystals, crystal products and jewelry)

NFTs can be traded, generating profits. All NFT holders will be awarded payouts from the income generated by those sales. A five percent commission from each trade will be channeled into a common fund and then redistributed to all NFT holders as passive income.

NFT holders can obtain preferential access to real gold coins featuring the NFT-character as an additional value storage at a discounted price.

Finally, NFT holders will benefit additionally from the value increase of the NFT itself as well as the underlying crypto currency.

For more details check the Whitepaper and property deeds.
this image explains the whole NFT concept
Gemrock Product Discounts

As a Gold-NFT-holder we are offering you a 10% discount on any of our crystal products or high quality jewelry at any time as long as you hold at least one Gold-NFT.

Thus, you can buy from us jewelry, as well as stone collections at unbeatable prices. Please note that the NFT discount cannot be accumulated with other discounts.

Gold Coin Value Storage

NFT holders can obtain preferential access to real gold coins featuring the NFT-character as an additional value storage at a discounted price.

You can buy and keep your unique gold coins or send them to someone special as a gift.

Gold Mining Revenue

NFT holders will be rewarded for their support by being awarded a monthly payout generated by the project. The right to receive this award will be digitally encrypted in your NFT.

The amount you will receive depends on how many Gold-NFTs you own. Each NFT will provide you with a fixed percentage being awarded from the monthly profits, for decades to come.

Exclusive Whitelist Spots

NFT holders will get exclusive access to upcoming projects initialized by Gemrock International S.A.C. The Gemrock Gold NFT project is just the beginning of a series of planned NFT projects as there are many more ways to generate revenues for the company and rewards for NFT holders.

Be the first who participates in future projects to increase your reward potential. We will always keep you updated in our Social Media channels about upcoming collections.

In order to be able to use the revenue calculator, please mark the check-box at the right of this note. By doing so you are acknowledging that all the information contained on this website, as well as the revenue calculator itself, are not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial more

For more information about the scenario calculations check this out

Phase I (DONE)

Phase I is intended for basic initialization. In the first phase, the business structure, the whitepaper, landing page and the design of the NFTs are being developed.

In parallel, the mining company will be registered in Peru and the first field research for possible gold claims will be carried out.

Phase II

In Phase II, as a first step, the project will be launched and the community will be built. The first whitelist places will be allocated.

In parallel, on the ground in Peru, field research continues and geological samples from promising gold veins will be taken.

Based on such scientific research, the decision will be taken, which areas to claim for the mining operation and we start the process of legal registration.

Additionally we will develop the design of the "Gold Concentration Plant", which is the infrastructure required to separate the gold from the extracted rock material.

Phase III

In Phase III, we will launch the NFT drop and raise the funds to finance the further development of the project.

The first part of the funding from the NFT drop will be invested in the gold mining equipment. We will start and finance the legally required permits and studies such as environmental impact studies and permits to handle dynamite, for example.

Parallel to this we will start the permit process for the gold concentration plant. We will identify the correct location for this plant and purchase the required industrial lot of land.

In order to put our equipment to good use and start generating profits, while the permit process still is underway, we will create a temporary joint venture with another mining concession holder and implement a temporary mining operation on the concession of this temporary partner. The mined ore from the partner mines will be concentrated and sold on.

This creative idea will generate financial awards for our NFT holders even BEFORE we are initiating our own mining operations and therefore greatly shorten the waiting time for the generation of passive income.

Phase IV

Phase IV is the departure phase of our own mining operations. All NFTs are sold, the permit processes are completed for the mining operation itself and for the gold concentration plant.

The mining camp is built and the company's own miners are hired. We are now ready to start mining. We obtain the Green Gold certification.

Phase V

In Phase V, we start mining in our own mine, resulting in higher payouts to all participants. With the start of our own mine, we will end the temporary joint venture with our partner mine.

Gemrock Peru will buy 100 percent of our mining production, convert the gold into jewelry and sell those pieces on a global scale. This way Gemrock Peru will guarantee the financial success of the mining operation and the financial rewards of NFT holders.

From now on, a continued increase of production capacity will result in increased monthly rewards due to higher profits.

We will now launch the production of a limited edition of 10000 real gold coins showing the NFT artwork. NFT holders have the opportunity to obtain those gold coins at a preferential price as an additional value storage.

Phase VI

In Phase VI, we scale the payout to NFT owners and start mining at our own mines, resulting in higher payouts to all participants. From now on again increased monthly payouts due to higher profits and start of continued increase of production capacity.

With the start of our own mine, we end the cooperation with our partner mines. We obtain the green Gold certification.


The "Green Gold" innovation, with its commitment to responsible gold mining, resolves the dilemma. "Green Gold" comes from specially selected mines certified by external auditors that practice responsible gold mining. For industrially producing mines, this includes absolute transparency and compliance with the highest international standards. The primary objectives are to minimize the impact on people and the environment during mining operations.

Strict requirements must be met regarding environmental impact, use of chemicals, and training of personnel. Before the mine is put into operation, a plan must already be in place for how the land can be reclaimed after mining operations cease.

There are two possible certification schemes for green gold:

FairTrade gold:

As of yet, the strictest and farthest reaching criteria for a socially and environmentally friendly gold mining are offered by the FairTrade organisation and the strictly surveyed processes at the gold mining. Certified gold will be sold at a price that is approximately 5% above the world market for their mined gold.

Valcambi "Green Gold":

Similar to the FairTrade gold, an increased purchase price is guaranteed to the gold producers. This increased price also enables the establishment of above average environmental, security and human rights standards in gold mining. Newmont Mining and the Swiss gold melter Valcambi (75% owned by Newmont Mining) are the two heavy weights supporting the product line of "Green Gold".


As a company, REGIN S.A.C. focuses on the mining, enrichment and resale of gold. With Stefan Austermühle&s background as biologist and environmental activist, the sustainable treatment of nature and the generation of benefits for local communities is a priority of the business concept. We want to bring certified green gold to the market, establish it and expand it further. REGIN S.A.C. is the missing element in the joint venture of Gemrock Peru S.A.C., the Peruvian crystal product and jewelry wholesaler (with established product distribution to 5 continents) and Herdel S.A.C., the Peruvian jeweler (providing the production capacity to elaborate jewelry pieces from REGIN S.A.C. gold and Gemrocks semiprecious stones) The support and established global distribution system of Gemrock Peru S.A.C. guarantees the commercial success of our mining project. With the purchase of the Gemrock Gold NFT you can be part of the green gold revolution and profit from the sale of the gold.

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Stefan Austermühle (CEO Gemrock International)
Stefan Austermühle

Stefan Austermühle is a German biologist, Resident in Peru since 1998, with a total of 37 years of professional experience in biological research, environmental conservation and ecotourism development. He is an entrepreneur, artistic stone carver and jeweler. He is also a certified life coach, professional diver and licensed yacht pilot.

Stefan has authored 3 books, co-authored 4 books, written countless articles, produced 12 TV-documentals and has obtained 8 awards for his environmental work.

In 2017 he founded Gemrock Peru S.A.C which developed since then from a small rock cutting workshop to being a production company of top quality crystal products and jewelry and a global wholesaler of those products. While 40% of the crystal shops went bankrupt since 2020, Stefan steered his company thru the perfect storm of pandemic crisis, wars and high inflation maintaining a course of steady growth. Stefan also holds shares of Herdel S.A.C., a Peruvian jewelry company, being equipped with modern jewelry infrastructure, which currently provides all the silversmith work for Gemrocks jewelry lines.

Victor Celis
Financial Accountant

Victor Celis, financial accountant with more than 30 years of professional experience in accounting, foreign trade and administration of companies. Professor for strategic finance and financial management at the universities "San Martin de Porres" and "Norbert Wienner" in Lima.

Victor has extensive experience with strategic planning, company restructuration, company fusions and acquisitions, as well as the implementation of internal control and environmental management (ISO 14000). Victor is financial advisor of Gemrock Peru S.A.C. and will be in charge of the financial management and accounting of our mining project.

Richard Gutierrez
Crystal Sourcer and Specialist

Richard Gutierrez, crystal sourcer and specialist. Richard comes from a family that sources high value crystals in Peru for generations. He started travelling to mines with his father when he was 16 and has now 30 years in the business.

Richard has mined crystals all his life and knows most of Perus mines. He also has extensive experience in small scale gold mining. Richard will be in charge of supporting us while identifying promissing gold concessions and in setting up our mining operation.

Mele Herdel
Jewelry Company Partner
mele herdel

Mele Herdel (left) from Herdel S.A.C. with some of his jewelry workers. Herdel S.A.C. is our jewelry company partner, being equiped not only with standart jewelry equipment, but also with top technology like 3D printers and chemical treatment processes for top quality design of jewelry.

Herdel S.A.C. will add value to our gold and convert it into jewelry for global distribution. They will also be in charge to make our gold coins as a physical store of value.

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